Expansion Panama Canal, Third set of Locks. Project Info.

Modification of controllers for New Jersey Transit, USA. Project Info.

Design pallet handling Autonomous Navigation Vehicles. Project Info.

Volkerak-Zoommeer water storage system: Drive system lock gate and sliding valves. Project Info.

Living quarter and lifeboat frames. Shell Draugen Platform, Norway. Project Info.

Suction hopper dredger with self unloading system. DEME. Project Info.

Refurbishment of anode handling cranes. Bayside, South Africa. Project Info.

Refurbishment of overhead travelling cranes. Valco Ghana. Project Info.

Refurbisment cement reclaiming equipment. Lafarge, Vancouver, Canada. Project Info.

Coal handling system for coal firing plant, Mexico. Project Info.

Steel and aluminium chimneys and vent stacks. Project Info.